the project

The area where the Black Iskar river flows in the Iskar Dam is called “Shavarite” which means “reed beds”. 50 years ago Shavarite was one of the last wetlands in Northwestern Bulgaria. The unique area is of great importance to the ecosystem around the situated in a mountain region Iskar Dam.

The aim of our project is to restore the former value and glory of the area surrounding the Iskar river mouth. According to the project the river will flow through 2,7 km long meander full with reeds, islands, deep channels and areas with standing water.

The accomplishment of this ambitious plan is greatly beneficial to the enrichment of the ecosystem of the whole area where the added value in economic as well as in environmental aspect is very important taking into consideration the treatment effect of the reed beds.

Sofia as a city with more than 1 Million people is dependent on the state of the Iskar river regarding the supply of drinking water. A big percentage of the water in the river is coming from the Rila mountains and goes through several villages and the city of Samokov. Although waste-water treatment exists in the upper reaches of the river, the water is still not so clean at the river's mouth. And right there the reed beds which will be planted in the Shavarite wetland area have a really important role because they function as natural biological treatment plant of wastewater. After passing through the 2,7 km long wetland zone the water will reach the new delta almost completely purified and without any treatment costs.