for the people

The most ambitious part of the project is directly related to people. According to the project three observatories are intended to be built. In this way in immediate vicinity the inhabitants of the ecosystem can be observed in their natural environment. Moreover, the visitors will have the opportunity to rest in the nature.

Another main focus of the project is the enhancement and development of culture of tolerance among children in regard of their surrounding and the nature. Sofia has grown enormously in the last couple of years and many children don't have actual contact with nature. This is the reason why the project intends to create conditions and to build a facility where children and students from Sofia and the surroundings can learn about the nature in real environment. A full day program will be provided for the them: transportation with buses from and to Shavarite, tour with trained rangers around key zones in the area, visit to the observatory, healthy lunch, rest in the afternoon and fun educational games with animators.

This program will bring a new aspect in the children' education and will give extremely useful and valuable experience especially to children from families with low income who don't have opportunities to travel. Besides the everyday school life the children will learn in the nature why it is important to keep the environment clean and with minimal human intervention as well as to understand firsthand how beautiful the Bulgarian nature is.